Jupe Tan


Jupe joined Plug & Play in 2008 and is overall responsible for global operations. This includes developing strategic public and private sector partnerships for corporate innovation, startup accelerator and investment programs as well as managing direct investments into startups.

In Silicon Valley, Jupe oversees international acceleration programs for Plug & Play, managing key relationships with partners from over 20 countries. Since 2009, more than 450 international startups have participated in programs at Plug & Play. Outside of the US, Jupe manages Plug & Play’s global expansion efforts with a focus on Latin America and Asia Pacific.

Jupe is responsible for more than 25 of Plug & Play’s investments in Latin America and Asia Pacific.

  • Singapore: Thoughtbuzz, First Meta, Zukami, Travelog
  • Latin America: OneTwo, Zase, TraktoPro, Cabena Mala, Fleety, LoteBox, Nutrisoft, TruckPad
  • SE Asia: Fashory, Yellow Elevator, PlusMargin, Tutate, Snapask, Circus Social, Imagin8ors, ReFash, GOtixs, Makerscut, Soulscape, Optimate, Fixir, Reserv, Wondertech